Simple Food {for winter}

30 grain-free recipes to get you through the dark days

Simple Food {for winter} contains 30 grain-recipes, 10 full-color photos, and three essays all geared towards eating local, seasonal foods through winter.

The recipes have been developed to...
*use winter produce that you can grow and put up yourself.
*address the specific dietary needs of winter in order to ward of seasonal affective disorder and the heaviness that can come when warming foods are not balanced by living foods.
*emphasize the enzymes and probiotics found in raw and cultured dairy and lacto-fermented vegetables.
*create creamy soups while keeping your dairy raw or cultured.
*include an enzymatic pairing that will aid in digestion and absorption of nutrients.

The essays are part how-to and part manifesto as I attempt to communicate my desire for a sustainable, God and family-centered way of life by encouraging home-based productivity.

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